The Origin of the Carnegie Deli in New York

New York’s famous Carnegie Deli traces its roots to 1937 when it first opened its doors to the public. Its decades’ old history is inextricably intertwined with America’s cultural mosaic. For instance, after world war II, and as Jews trooped to and joined the American mainstream society, they brought with them their dishes. Soon after the matzoh ball soup and bagel became as notorious as the pizza and the egg roll in New York. Quite remarkably, the delicatessen took the typical Eastern European Jewish foodstuffs such as knishes, kasha and kreplach and transformed them into mouthwatering cuisines that continues to charm the palates of the city’s residents.

The Carnegie Delicatessen was originally a 40-seat restaurant before Milton Parker expanded it in the year 1976. Presently, the Carnegie Deli is under the management of Milton Parker’s daughter called Marian Levine who continues to uphold the exact same standards that made the Carnegie Deli so reputable.

The Deli was originally co-owned by a trio of Max Hudas, Thomas North and Bernie Gross before being bought over by Leo Steiner, Fred Klein and Milton Parker. Fred Klein dropped out shortly after as he was not actively involved in the running of the business. Leo Steiner, a Jewish American restaurateur, entertained the crowds in the restaurant with his Jewish humor while Milton Parker preferred to work behind the scenes. Thus, due to Leo Steiner’s humor, the deli became a destination for tourists in the theater district as well as notable celebrities.

Under the leadership of Parker and Steiner, the restaurant became famous nationwide and attracted celebrities such as Henny Youngman, Jackie Mason and Woody Allen. It thereafter opened branches in New Jersey, Atlantic City, and Tysons Corner- Virginia. Steiner would thereafter become the public face of Jewish food prompting him to appear in a television commercial for rye bread. He was also asked to prepare corned beef and pastrami for visiting heads of state who were attending the G7 economic summit conference held in 1983 in Virginia.

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Growing Your Business With Facebook

Facebook has continued to be the most efficient platform to use in marketing your business. Many businesses have been able to grow and increase their revenue by having an effective Facebook marketing strategy. There is a lot that goes into a successful Facebook marketing campaign, and you need to spend some time and effort in coming up with a good plan. Below are some social media reporting tips that will help you grow your business with Facebook.


Content is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing technique.  To succeed with Facebook marketing, you need to provide your current and prospective clients with relevant content, because it will help add value and promote engagement. It is a waste of time and effort to start promoting content without an audience.  You should start by focusing on growing your audience before you can start promoting.


There is a study that showed that 36% of people liked a page because they offered a freebie or a sample. Providing a freebie will help increase your community and gives the prospective customer a taste of your product or service. This will make it easier to convert them into paying customers.

Use promoted Posts

This is a great tool to use because it will help you target people of similar interests. It can be a very useful tool if used wisely.


A discount can be another way to grow your Facebook community. The two standard approaches are liking a page to get a discount and loving a product to get a discount. Both of them can be effective and can help increase engagement with your current and prospective customers.

When it costs to Facebook marketing, it is always important to start with focusing on growing your community before you can begin selling. With the right approach, you will be able to grow your business with Facebook.

How NYC Marketers Can Benefit Your Business

taxi-cab-381233_640There are quite a few benefits when working with people in New York on marketing. It’s a melting pot and there are just so many options. Plus, you’re able to be connected to all kinds of professionals since there are many businesses in the city.

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO is something you can get help with if you’re in or around the city. You can even be anywhere in the world and hire someone to work with you that lives in NYC. Since it’s a little more expensive to live there, professionals tend to flock there. This means you’re generally, going to find yourself working with those that are good at what they do and not amateurs since they couldn’t afford to do business out there. It’s important that you research who you’re going to hire still just to make sure they are able to take your ideas and make them more popular.

Marketing in this area of the world can be done with virtually any medium. Even newspapers that come from the citybusiness-1012761_640 are well regarded all around the world. If you have the funds, you can get the word out about your business. If the locals enjoy what you have to offer, then chances are you will do very well just because of how many people there are. You can hire experts to help you come up with ways to appeal to NYC residents and people in general all around the world if you want to go big.

SEO and other marketing tactics are easy to get help with in NYC from companies like SearchTides. The marketers in this area make it the epicenter for marketing. People around the world will tell you they know about NYC just because of how much it is talked about and known for being great.

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